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Caroline M. Hewins Holiday Cards

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Collection Overview

Repository: Hartford History Center, Hartford Public Library Hartford, Connecticut
Creator : Hewins, Caroline M.
Title : Caroline M. Hewins Holiday Card Collection,
Dates : ca. 1912-1915
Extent : 1 scrapbook.
Abstract : Holiday card collection created by Hartford Public Library's Caroline M. Hewins.
Location: Ground Floor Electronic Stacks
Language: English

Biographical Note

Caroline Maria Hewins was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts, in 1846. She moved to Hartford in 1875 to begin her post as the librarian for the Young Men's Institute, later to be known as the Hartford Public Library. During her fifty years as librarian in Hartford, Miss Hewins was a champion for children's library services. Her passion led to the founding of the children's department at the Hartford Public Library, the establishment of a children's division of the American Library Association, and the creation of the first publication of a children's bibliography. While on her vacations abroad, Miss Hewins wrote letters home to her young patrons and often purchased souvenirs to be displayed in the library. She served at the Library until her death in 1926.

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Scope and Content

This collection contains 102 gift tags, post cards, and greetings cards. The cards were collected by Miss Hewins and the young patrons of the Boy's and Girl's room at Hartford Public Library. The collected cards were then posted into a scrapbook.

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The records are stored in a restricted area and therefore may not be available on a same-day basis.

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See Hartford History Center’s Collection Use policy. Permission to publish from the collection must be obtained in writing from curator of the Hartford History Center, and a copy of the published work may be requested by the Hartford History Center. The Hartford History Center reserves the right to refuse permission to publish, etc. to those who have not complied with its policies. Use of the collections will normally not be permitted for the purpose of promotion of commercial products and services or political campaigns. Hartford History Center at Hartford Public Library reserves the right to limit the number of photographic prints/captures and to restrict the use or reproduction of rare, fragile, or valuable objects.

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Subject Headings

Corporate Names

Hartford Public Library


Christmas cards.
Easter -- Greeting cards.

Genre Terms


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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Item, Collection Title, Collection number (Box #, Folder #). Hartford History Center, Hartford Public Library, Hartford, Connecticut.

Processing Details

Collection was processed by Jennifer Chretien and Jennifer Sharp in 2013.

EAD Finding Aid created February 2013.

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Caroline M. Hewins Holiday Card Collection contents:

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I. Cards

1 Postcard with ships and gold lettering.
2 Little girl holding valentines. Printed by Raphael Tuck &Sons, LTD. Dated 1914 in pencil on back.
3 Penny postcard featuring a wounded cat. Unable to be separated from 016.
4 Little boy writing at a desk. Blank card.
5 Handmade construction paper heart with a bag of salt.
6 Patchwork boy with dog looking for a "valentine". 1915 written on back in pencil.
7a Penny postcard from 1910. Boy and girl with ladder painting message.
7b Back side of 007a. Lucy written on back in pencil.
8 Ornately dressed young man holding roses and a heart. One sided. Printed in Germany.
9 Little girl holding a heart with poem. One sided. Printed by Gibson Lines.
10 Girl in red at a desk with quill. Printed by Raphael Tuck &Sons, LTD.
11a Watercolor girl dressed as a rose wearing a heart. One sided card with stand.
11b Back side of 011a showing the stand. Printed in Bavaria by the EP Dutton Co.
12a Pink construction paper card with Victorian figures in silhouette. Dated 1914 in pencil on back.
12b Verse inside of 012a.
13 Little boy in blue carrying a pot of heart shaped flowers. The hat is on a hinge. The card is torn at his feet. Printed in Germany . Dated 1914 in pencil on back.
14a French milkmaid with violets flowers. Valentine’s greeting is an extended heart that has broken off.
14b The greeting from 014a. Flower bedecked cupid on a gold painted heart.
15a A blue floral card for a "dear cousin.". Manufactured by the American Greeting Company in a more modern style.
15b Verse inside of 015a. Has pansies on the inside and a poem. Signed by Richey, Norene, and Mary- Ellen.
16 A little girl catching flying heart. Appears to be a postcard. This is a separate card glued to other side of 003a.
17a Paper lace valentine with an aristocratic eighteenth century lady in black silhouette.
17b Verse insert to 017a
18a Light green construction paper card. Cherubs on the top and bottom of the heart.
18b Verse insert to 018a
19 "Roses are Red" verse written in water color with painted roses on the top.
20 One sided card with a blonde Dutch girl.
21 Young lady with a yellow dress and hat. Lord Byron verse. Card can be stood up. Printed in Bavaria by the EP Dutton Co.
22 Colorful little boy holding a knife.
23 Two crying children on a postcard. Printed by the EP Dutton Co.
24 Christmas gift tag.
25 Little boy with a bellow in front of fireplace.
26 Duplicate of 008. Ornately dressed young man holding roses and a heart.
27 Post card. Verse begins with a gold T inside of a red heart. Copyrighted 1910 by Mary M Cheney.
28 Cutout of a large Dutch girl in blue. The verse was cut and pasted on the scrapbook page.
29 Ornate multi-dimensional cupid in blue.
30 Cutout of a large Dutch girl wearing a yoke with pails of milk attached. The verse was cut and pasted on the scrapbook page.
31 Heart shaped card of a boy in the snow with a heart.
32 Cutout of a large Dutch boy in blue with attached pasted verse.
33 Card with blue fabric flowers and "With Affection and Regard" in gold.
34 Red heart with gold ribbon in a bouquet of white flowers.
35 Small heart with blue dots featuring the head of a child wearing a straw and blue ribbon hat.
36 Old fashioned red robed Santa Claus with a walking stick and a bag of toys.
37a Little girl in a blue dress and ribbon in front of a rose bush reading a card.
37b Verse insert to 037a.
38 Little girl in a green and blue flowered dress holding a large heart with a verse.
39 Little girl in pink holding a bouquet of pink flowers.
40 Little girl in pink holding a basket of flowers. There is a paper hinge allowing the arm to move but her hand has been cut off.
41 Dutch boy in green and blue, resembling a Campbell Soup kid, holding a bouquet of flowers.
42 Nude kewpies, including a bride and groom, in a vehicle. Printed by the Campbell Art Co. in 1914.
43a Postcard with colored scene of a little boy and little girl hanging laundry.
43b Back side of 43a. Penny postcard with postage attached. Addressed to Mr A.B.
44 Paper tag addressed to a Master Albert Walker from the John Martin’s House Inc. Illustration of a pilgrim holding a mailbag and envelope on the side of the page.
45 One sided card with verse between a boy and girl facing each other holding Flowers.
46 Pink card featuring a dark skinned boy holding a chicken. Printed by Raphael Tuck & Sons LTD, publisher to their majesties the King and Queen.
47 Christmas card featuring a young man dressed in blue and red and a verse by John Hobbs.
48 Dutch boy in turquoise and red holding a fish in front of a blue window.
49 Dutch girl in a plaid apron holding a jump rope and sucking her finger.
50 Heart shaped card featuring a sad girl in red and her brown dog, with their backs to some sailboats.
51a Card featuring a girl in pink and a boy in blue, surrounded by hearts.
51b Verse insert to 051a. Card is addressed to Anna from Rocco.
52 Little boy wearing a red boy holding a slate with "I Love You" on it.
53 A man and woman dressed in French aristocratic green clothing. They are seated on opposite ends of a matching green striped couch.
54 Valentine greeting featuring a black haired cherub sitting on a covered arbor.
55a Naked cherub in a straw hat cutting hay hearts.
55b Verse insert to 055a. The card itself is bound with red ribbon.
56 Flower and heart bedecked Valentine verse.
57 Ornate man and woman dressed in French aristocratic style, each holding a side of A gilt-edged heart with a verse.
58 A woman in orange holding a fan, seated in front of a red heart. The card also has A man’s bust in profile inside of another heart with an arrow through it.
59 An elaborately dressed young lady in a purple and cream dress with matching hat. Both the hat and dress are lined with pansies.
60 A little boy in blue and yellow putting a card inside of a blue mailbox.
61 Leap Year card with a girl in a blue dress and a boy in green.
62 Valentine card portraying a look out sign on railroad tracks.
63a The front of a card with a bouquet of pink roses in front of a pink striped heart.
63b Verse insert to 063a.
64 A sobbing little girl wearing an apron covered in hearts, seated on a green chair.
65 A Dutch boy and girl embracing.
66 Heart shaped scene of a boy in blue "hoop rolling" a red heart with a stick.
67a elaborate designed card of a girl in a green dress holding a basket of flowers.
67b Verse insert to 67a.
68 Young man in blue presenting a bouquet to a girl in yellow.
69 A colored sketch of three children inside of a heart.
70a A blue construction paper card of a girl holding a peppermint stick, with a verse About "sugar and spice".
70b Additional verse insert to 070a.
71 Flower adorned card with a girl in a flowered purple dress and a cherub.
72a Valentine greeting with a bouquet of purple flowers.
72b Verse insert to 072a.
73 Easter chick wearing a pink plumed hat and holding a blue umbrella. Printed in Bavaria by EP Dutton Co.
74a A girl in a white dress with roses on the skirt and in her hair.
74b Verse insert to 074a.
75 Valentine tag of a blonde girl in a pink dress surrounded by hearts.
76 Gardening cherub holding a green watering can.
77a Front side of a card featuring an elaborately dressed girl. The card has lace paper on it and edged in gold.
77b Verse insert to 077a.
78a A card addressed to a "dear friend" with birds on a tree branch surrounded by drawn blue lace.
78b Verse insert to 078a, signed by "C".
79 A blonde girl in blue, embraced by a sailor, walking away from a boy in brown.
80 Postcard featuring a blonde girl in a white ruffled dress, walking arm in arm with a boy in a green hat and coat.
81 Red heart with a white lacey design in the center.
82 A cat and mouse nailing a heart inside of a flower pot. The back has "Miss O’Malley" and "Mrs. Schultze" written on the back.
83 A little girl in a rose covered dress and straw hat with a ribbon on it. The hat is attached by a paper hinge that allows for it to be moved on and off the girl’s head.
84 A little Dutch boy wearing fabric trousers. The card has an attached paper stand. It was manufactured by Gibsons and has 1914 written in pencil on the back.
85a A boy and girl walking arm in arm on a country road.
85b Verse insert to 085a. The card is addressed "from Stella to Lucy".
86 A flower holding cherub inside of a basket of flowers.
87 A boy in green holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a straw hat in the other. The card is copyrighted 1913 by the P.F Volland &Co. of Chicago.
88 A girl in a pink plumed hat on top of her powdered hair, holding a bouquet of roses.
89 A blonde curly-haired girl in a green dress with daisies on it. The card was printed in Bavaria by the EP Dutton Co.
90 A red and blue heart with an elaborate scene inside. The base of the heart depicts a boy and girl holding the heart.
91 A torn page featuring a Dutch girl sewing, with the calendar months of March, April, and May.
92 Black and white winter scene with a Christmas greeting.
93 Black and white sketch of the Royall House in Medford, MA. New Year greeting.
94a Chicken holding an umbrella on a basket of eggs
94b Back of card. "To Theresa from George"
95 Silver backed postcard with a chick in a basket with green ribbon postcard with ducklings eating a basket of violets. Printed in Saxony by Raphael Tuck &Sons, LTD.
96a Postcard with ducklings eating a basket of violets. Printed in Saxony by Raphael Tuck & Sons, LTD.
96b Back of postcard with a handwritten message, "The little fluffy ducks are having just a good a Time eating violets as Aunt Marys little chickens did with her violets in LA. Your Mom will find the violets in Conn. With loving wishes Aunt Mary 4-5-12
97 Two chicks inside of a broken eggshell.
98 A basket of yellow tulips.
99a Postcard of a chick holding a 4 leaf clover in his beak, surrounded by chicks Peeking out of an envelope.
99b The back of the postcard. Written on it is "Easter Greetings from M.L". The card was printed in Saxony by Raphael Tuck & Sons, LTD.
100 An Easter card depicting a girl in a green dress standing on a rock in order to whisper in the ear of a large brown rabbit in a suit.
101 Easter card with a colored pencil drawing of a girl and boy chick wearing clothes.
102 Pencil drawing of a branch with a plum and flower buds.